Another text by Charlotte Gill. Se traducirá a castellano el próximo viernes.

You already know how much I love the book «Eating dirt» by Charlotte Gill. Here, I have selected another paragraph for your pleasure. Enjoy it.

Our workplace is a crash site. Two forces in juxtaposition. One is old and slow, accumulating biomass. It wants nothing more than to build. The other is fast and rapacious- our appetites, seemingly without end. Most days we’re too busy making money to see it this way, but sometimes we look up from the rubble and the wood chips. We feel the breeze cool, the sweat in our brows. We gaze down at the ocean, where this same earthly breath ripples the water. Tide running one direction, wind running the other, like the quivering fur of an animal rubbed the wron way. We feel a mild ache in our chests. A brush with a thing that’s been lost forever. Or maybe we feel nothing at all.

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