A text by Charlotte Gill. Será traducido al castellano el próximo viernes.

Once again I am quoting a wonderful paragraph from the extraordinary book «Eating dirt» by Charlotte Gill. I consider it a «must» in the library of any person interested in ecology.

It takes at least four hundred years to regrow an old forest naturally, but the kind of time required to make soil is milennial and geologic. You can´t build a forest floor in a nursery or manufacture topsoil in a mill. The dirt is the dirt, and that´s all there will ever be for as long as it takes for the woods to grow it back. The forest of the world may sequester carbon- 1,146 billion tons of it- but to thirds of this is stored not in the trees but underground, in soil and peat.

Enjoyable, isn´t it?

La traducción al castellano, el próximo viernes.

See you next Monday, with a scientific post. Graciela.

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