Once again a text from «Eating dirt». (Su traducción al castellano el próximo viernes)

Charlotte-Gill300pxAs you already know, I have fallen in love with one of the books edited by David Suzuki Foundation, namely: Eating dirt by Charlotte Gill. That is the reason why now and then I share with you some paragraphs that I have enjoyed the most.

This is the one I selected for today:

…But millions of years ago in our planetary past, conifers dominated. The surface of the earth was composed of one megacontinent, Pangaea. Dinosaurs grazed and stomped the land. Many of the creatures that thrived during this long prehistoric phase would not be recognizable today. Clams, squids, and sharks of the 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea variety. Amphibians and lizards. And all those creepy-crawlies that look like giant cockroaches crossed with centipedes, whose strange shapes we recognize from fossils.

During the Mesozoic, conifers thrived at every latitude from the equator to the northernmost reaches of the globe. New tree species were born, and they diversified and specialized. Most of these genetic families are extinct…

…The fossilized stumps of dawn redwoods have turned up on tundra barrens deep inside the Arctic Circle- a sign of the extensive range that conifers once enjoyed.

Recuerden que este texto estará traducido por mí misma el próximo viernes, para el disfrute de los lectores no angloparlantes.

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