Letra de la canción Down in the Mine, de Dierks Bentley

La semana pasada les traje desde Youtube una interpretación excelente de la canción cuya letra original comparto hoy. La semana próxima les haré la traducción.

Down in the Mine

Dierks Bentley
Here in Harlan County, the choices are few
To keep food on the table and the babies in shoes
You can grow marijuana way back in the pines
Or work for the man down in the mine
You never forget your first day in the hole
There’s a pit in your stomach and your mouth’s full of coal
There’s no turning back once you make up your mind
As the cart rattles on down in the mine
Way down in the mine, your tears turn to mud
And you can’t catch your breath for the dust in your lungs
Loading hillbilly gold where the sun never shines
Twelve hours a day, diggin’ your grave
Way down in the mine
Well the old timers talk but you just don’t believe
It can all go to hell at two thousand feet
Life sways in the balance of nature and time
And fate has no mercy down in the mine.



Un abrazo y hasta el próximo lunes, con un post científico. Graciela.

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