Another text from the book «Eating dirt» by Charlotte Gill

I have already introduced this book to you all, and at that moment I also promised to share some excellent paragraphs that can be read on it. This is one of them, and will be translated for Spanishspeaking readers next Friday.

Three and a half billion years ago, the earth was bathed in a briny soup, and the atmosphere was a soft swamp of greenhouse gases. Life was microbial. Then a new bacterium was born. Its guts were speckled with light-absorbing proteins. This cell could perform a chemical magic that none of the other floating squiggles of the prehistoric seas could. It harnessed sun rays. With this energy, it transformed carbon dioxide into sugar and in the process pumped out oxygen. These rudimentary organisms are still around today, in practically every environment where sunlight and water coexist. Cyanobacteria- blue green algae, the beginning of all things.

As you have surely noticed, the description is excellent, and finding it inside a novel is a lucky event. I hope you enjoy it as much as I myself did. See you on Monday. Graciela.

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