When dunes collapse.

imagen1dunasAs you already know, every Friday, posts are related to pleasure.  Today, through Literature.

This is a very beautiful paragraph, selected from Shadow on the wall by Pavarti K. Tyler, along which the dunes collapse is masterly described.

On next Friday, I will post a translation into Spanish. I hope you appreciate the poetry in this description.

…Walking along the crest of the dune, hoping to find a way to the flat area below that didn’t involve sliding down the great sand wall, Recai felt a rumble in his chest. A vibration surrounded him, calling to him from the air itself. A deep roar rose from the earth. The pitch rose as the noise intensified becoming a screaming growl like the djinn’s song.

The dunes were collapsing.

Recai ran, hoping to keep ahead of the avalanche.  The awesome physics of the phenomenon would have been breathtaking were it not so deadly…The dune song reached a crescendo and Recai screamed back at the spectacle of Mother Nature’s power…

I hope you  have enjoyed this little gift, and wait for your further visits to the blog. Graciela

El próximo viernes esto será traducido en un post en castellano. Los espero. Un abrazo Garciela

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