Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill. Original version.

th(Este párrafo será traducido al castellano en el post del próximo viernes)

I have already introduced this wonderful book to you. Today I have selected a paragraph that allows a new interpretation for conifer forests and its conservation in which its real value is stressed.

There are few living things on Earth as old as the DNA of conifers. Modern evergreens are but vestiges of an anciant heyday…

…Conifer genes have survived for a few hundred million years, weathering, droughts, infestations, mass extinctions and wildfires, not to mention ice ages. It’s as if conifers were made to thrive in extremes. In this sense the coniferous forests of the world are heirloom ecosystems, repositories of survivor DNA.

Next Friday, I will upload the translation into Spanish.

Have a nice weekend. Graciela.

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