Eating dirt, an excerpt. (Traducción al castellano la próxima semana) I have already mentioned many times, the book Eating dirt by Charlotte Gill is one of my favorites, and I always find something to share with you in it.

Next week this text wil be translated into Spanish.

Please, enjoy this:

…Today only one third of this original forest cover still exists. Temperate deciduous forests were cut down long ago. There are only a handful of large, ancient timberlands left in the world- the boreal forests of Canada and Russia. In the tropics three areas remain- the Southeast Asian tropical rainforests of Indonesia, Borneo, and Papua New Guinea. The primary forests of Africa are contained largely within the Congo Basin. Last there are the rainforests of the Amazon, ecosystems so richly life giving they are thought to contain one-tenth of all plant and animal species in the world.

Trees may be the most obvious thing about a forest, but they are far outnumbered by other organisms. The coniferous ranges of the Pacific Northwest are home to hundreds of different mosses and lichens…

…The dirt is alive. Before the heat of summer, the salamanders, frogsand earthworms are busy sliding in and out of their holes…

I hope you have enjoyed this text, and see you on Monday. Graciela.

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