Curso on line y gratuito: Ecosistemas de las costas tropicales

Do you want to develop the skills and knowledge needed to help preserve tropical coastal ecosystems? These habitats provide goods and services for hundreds of millions of people but human activities have led to their global decline. TROPIC101x will introduce you to the incredible plants and animals that create these unique ecosystems. You will go on to explore the challenges these ecosystems are facing such as overfishing, coastal pollution, ocean warming and acidification. Lectures will be delivered by world-leading experts and you will have the opportunity to become a citizen scientist and take part in virtual ecology projects. Course content was specifically developed at the University of Queensland’s research station on Heron island. Join us on an exciting journey as you develop new knowledge and skills during this innovative and engaging course!

Inicia: 1 de septiembre

Level: Introductory
Length: 9 weeks
Effort: 4 to 5 hours/week
Subject: Biology & Life Sciences
Institution: UQx
Languages: English
Video Transcripts: English
Price: Free

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