Curso gratuito y on line: Suelos. Introducción al mundo bajo nuestros pies

Soils are a fantastically complex environment, teeming with life and supporting our most fundamental environmental processes. However, they are increasingly under threat and our soil resource is a finite one.

Starting from what soil is and how soils form we will take a journey through the soil, not just learning about the basics of soil science but also about life in the soil.

Then we will look at why soil is so important and investigate the topic of soil security – a topic relevant to the past and present.

Finally we will learn about how and why soils are under threat both at a local and global scale. Throughout this course we will ask questions such as:

What is soil made of?
Why are soil microbes so important?
How does the rise and fall of civilisations depend on soils?
How is climate change impacting on soils?

You will also get the chance to get your hands dirty with a series of activities aiming to give you practical experience of assessing soil properties and conditions.


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Duration: 4 weeks

3 hours pw

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