Curso gratuito y on line: Monitoreo climático desde el espacio

In this free online course, you will join leading experts and scientists from ESA (European Space Agency) and key European research centres, to explore the science that underpins Earth observation.

We will look at recent and current satellite missions that are providing an archive of essential data; and find out how this data is used in local and international policy and planning.

The course consists of five themed weeks:

Week 1 – Observing Climate Change from Space
What is Earth observation? How do we observe the Earth with satellites? And what role does Earth observation play in climate policy and planning?

Weeks 2 & 3 – Earth Observation Techniques and Technology
How do we use different types of mission, instrumentation and data to study changes to our atmosphere, land, oceans and ice?

Week 4 – Earth Observation in Action
How does Earth observation help us set policy; plan for climate risk, resilience and adaptation; and manage resources and biodiversity?

Week 5 – Managing Earth Observation Data
How do we make sense of the large amount of data produced by Earth observation? Can crowdsourcing and citizen science play a role in developing climate change models?

Begins: 8 Jun 2015
FREE online course
Duration: 5 weeks
3 hours p/w

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