9th International Conference of Tidal Sedimentology.

The 9th International Conference of Tidal Sedimentology, traditionally known as “Tidalites” will take place in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, from 17th to 19th November 2015.

Some of the scientific topics include:

  • Modern and ancient tidal sedimentation (facies models)
  • Physical, geomorphological, biological, geochemical and geotechnical processes in tidal environments
  • Tidal hydrodynamics and sediment transport (in situ measurements, flume experiments, numerical modelling)
  • Tidal coastal morphodynamics
  • Tidal facies and (oil, gas, water) reservoirs
  • Incised valley / estuaries infilling
  • Tidal basin stratigraphy modelling
  • Global change impacts on tidal environments



Find more information at http://tidalites2015.gl.fcen.uba.ar/
or contact at: tidalites2015@gmail.com

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